A Introducing Breaker’s Royalty Management Platform

Introducing the Breaker Royalty Management Platform

Breaker, a part of the SingularDTV ecosystem, is announcing its blockchain royalty management platform built for creators, enterprises and IP rights holders.

The Problem

Today, media royalty management suffers from a lack of transparency — in part because most creators and organizations can only access outdated technology.

To further democratize royalty management for intellectual property through blockchain technology, Breaker has introduced its innovative royalty management gateway as a software as a service platform.

Built on Success: Breaker’s Blockchain Royalty Management History

Through developing tools that leverage web3, blockchain, and tokenization, Breaker seeks to empower IP owners and foster a more transparent and sustainable royalty ecosystem.

Tokit was the first step in SingularDTV/Breaker’s mission to power a decentralized entertainment industry.
Breaker On Demand
One intuitive platform for managing license fees and royalty payments.

Regain Control with Breaker’s Extensive Royalty and Rights Features

What does a Royalty Management Platform entail?

To avoid expensive errors in payments, slow royalty disbursement, and inaccurate data, Breaker built its new royalty platform on the Ethereum blockchain. With its core features, available in the private beta, IP owners will be able to regain control and visibility of their creative products — resulting in lower costs, higher revenue, and more accurate data for better decision-making.

  • Streamlined onboarding
  • Custom royalty models per asset via smart contracts
  • Recoupable expense options
  • One-click deployment
  • Receive fiat payments
  • Automatic fiat to stable coin conversions
  • Transparent and automatic reporting
Key to improving royalty management is controlling the on ramps and off-ramps of revenue.

Let’s also break down some of the key features of the platform and what you can expect:

Simple Account Setup and Management

Once you have created an account, payment setup is just as easy:

  1. You will need to create or connect a web3 wallet. Starting out, our platform links with Metamask, SingularDTV’s Lightwallet, Wallet Connect, WalletLink, and Ledger.
  2. Next, you’ll create your asset. To add your asset to our database, you just need a Name, its category, and ID.
  3. You will then assign a royalty model to the asset.
  4. Finally, you’ll deploy your token.

Create Custom New Royalty Models Per Asset

Each film, episode, album, or song has a unique ownership model that defines who is owed what percentage of that asset’s revenue. Producers, Studios, and Creators will be able to easily create a new royalty model or assign an existing template royalty model to an asset and assign percentages to different participants.

Add Recoupable Expenses, MGs, and Negative Costs

Our Royalty Models also allow for the “recoupment” of funds. In other words, you can distribute funds for separate addresses that are independent of token holders. This is a feature for payments to investors or licensors.

One-Click Deployment

The last step required to tokenize an asset is deploying the asset and royalty model to the blockchain. Clicking deploys will mint the asset’s ERC-20 tokens. When the asset and royalty model has been deployed the Participants entered during the creation of the royalty model will receive their share of the asset’s tokens in their wallet.

Instantly Collect Fiat, Convert to USDC

The Breaker platform will be able to adapt to any asset and collect revenue from any source. In addition, payment processing is automatic.

Claim Royalties and Payments

Users who have a share of an asset’s tokens in their wallet can then claim their share of the royalties that have been sent to all of the Participants for a specific asset.

Transparent Reporting and Data Collection

Breaker offers a clear and transparent view of the current balance for each asset. The Balance represents the difference between payments received and any deployed expenses or threshold recoupment amounts.

Want to learn more? Become an Early Adopter

Currently, Breaker will launch its private beta in the fall of 2021.



SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry. https://github.com/SingularDTV

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